Wine Tour Pricing

$99 per person (plus gratuity) for a 3 stop tour,

$119 (plus gratuity) for a 4 stop tour.

Tasting Fees not included and here's why.

If YOU pay the tasting fees, most wineries will refund or waive that fee if you purchase wine. If I PAY, they WILL NOT waive the fee, so you pay the fee whether or you purchase wine or not. So to put it simply, if you buy wine on the tour, you will save money.

Also, a few of the wineries we visit offer more than one level of tasting when you visit, and to give you a choice, we are now letting customers purchase their own tastings and we are lowering our prices accordingly. You will now be able to choose premium tastings (when available) or even opt out when you feel you’re done for the day.

This will offer our customers more choices on a tour, and lowers the price for those who don’t wish to imbibe at every stop, or maybe not even drink at all. To assist with your planning, most wineries range from $10-$15 per tasting. Since each tour is unique, we can help you figure this amount during the planning phase of your tour.

Hill Country Wine Tours

Group Tours

Only a few of you? We can add you to a group tour if we have the room on the day you want to go.

Private Wine Tours

Private Tours

Want your tour to be private? Just book 8 seats or more and we'll see that your party is the only one on the bus that day.

custom texas wine tours

Custom Tours

We can customize a tour to go just about anywhere and do just about anything you want.