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4 Reasons to Treat Your Loved One to a Private Wine Tour

Looking to treat a loved one to a special gift this holiday season? You may be considering a variety of gift options, from that sweater they've been eyeing to the latest and greatest iPhone, but keep in mind giving an experience can be treasured just as much, if not more than material objects. If you're living near the Texas Hill Country, one of the best experiences that you can treat loved ones to is a private wine tour from Heart of Texas Wine Tours. Read on to learn more about this unique gift idea, and contact us today to schedule your tour!

Experience the Texas Hill Country

Although the focus of private wine tours is understandably on the wine, getting to explore the Texas Hill Country is an experience to remember in and of itself. This area is beautiful and one that many long-time Texans have never been to. Quaint small towns dot the countryside to the west of Austin, where picturesque wineries provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. This relaxing scenery is a perfect accompaniment to the wine-tasting experience provided by our tour guides.

The Wine

When you go on a Texas Wine Tour, you'll get to taste a wide variety of Texas-made wines, while learning interesting facts about the winemakers and the wineries themselves. Most importantly, you'll get the opportunity to try new wines that you may not have found on your own! You may even find your new favorite wine, and learn more about your wine preferences along the way. Pick up a bottle of your favorite, and open it later to reminisce on the amazing time you had.

Let Others Do the Driving

It's always more relaxing to let somebody else do the driving and handle the little details of the day. A private wine tour can lead you to the best wineries Texas has to offer while giving you piece of mind - after all, you're not the one behind the wheel! Enjoy a day of relaxation and exploration in the beautiful Texas wine country, worry-free. This can especially be nice after the holidays, and give you a chance to unwind after the stress that holidays can often bring.

More Intimacy

Whether you're booking a romantic experience for you and your spouse or a fun time with family members or friends, a private wine tour lets you be around those you know and care for without interruption. This experience also allows your group to sip at their leisure and move from winery to winery at their pace without worrying about the preferred pace or desires of those not within your group. In addition, you can make special requests that your group will surely enjoy. Whether you want to stop for lunch at a specific restaurant in the area, or know your group prefers a certain type of wine, a private wine tour ensures all your desires are met.

Contact Heart of Texas Wine Tours Today

This holiday season, give an experience your friends will remember for years to come. Create memories and laughter with the help of Heart of Texas Wine Tours.